Visiting Eagle Island Light

Eagle Island Light is on Eagle Island in East Penobscot Bay, Maine. The entire 280-acre island, including the land around the Light is in private hands. Therefore, Eagle Island Light is not open to recreational visitors without invitation. If you wish to visit the lighthouse, check our events page for upcoming opportunities.

There are ways to see the Light, which sits just two miles off the shore of Deer Isle. The Light can be viewed up close from the water, however, there is no public dock.

By Sea

Enjoy the views of the lighthouse from the water, located on the northern tip of 263-acre Eagle Island in Penobscot Bay. The cleared rolling hills offer a picturesque view of the two structures. The Mailboat Katherine (below) offers boat tours.

By Land

Catch a glimpse of Eagle Island Light in the distance from nearby trails and shores on the mainland. The best views are from Sunset, a neighborhood on the western side of Deer Isle.

By Air

Take in Eagle Island Light from the sky. Aerial views can be enjoyed during chartered flights from Penobscot Island Air. The closest airstrip is located in Stonington, on Deer Isle.

“On Eagle Island, for the first time in my life, I found real friends and real neighbors. There are no words to express how I enjoyed my relations with the people of Eagle Island. I can only express my feelings toward this island as the best place that I have ever lived in my life… We didn’t have TV or movies or cocktail bars, which a lot of people can’t live without. What we did have was real neighbors and real friends – each day was a special event one way or another.”

- Ralph K. Banks, Former Lightkeeper

Mailboat: Katherine

The Katherine is a 36-foot wooden lobster boat that was converted to carry up to 20 passengers. The two-hour round trip tour follows a summer postal route, delivering mail and passengers to several islands, including Eagle, throughout Penobscot Bay. You may see harbor seals, sea birds, eagles, and porpoises, as well as fishermen, sailors, and merry island folk. The Katherine is also available for chartered trips.

Call for reservations: (207) 701-9316.

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As Seen in: The New York Times

One Family Has Delivered the Mail by Boat for 115 Years. Is This the Last?
Since 1905, four generations of Quinns have delivered letters, packages and passengers to the islands of Penobscot Bay. A lost summer could sink the tradition.