Eagle Island Light

Historic Maine Lighthouse on Penobscot Bay
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A Maine Landmark

Eagle Island Light is a classic early Maine lighthouse, first commissioned in 1837. The active light stands on breathtaking cliffs overlooking East Penobscot Bay, with sightlines up and down the Bay.  The 30-foot-tall conical rubblestone tower and iron lantern room went into service in 1838 and still provides active navigation for area lobster and yachtsmen. 

Honoring Heritage

After nearly two centuries of service, Eagle Island Light still shines on the waters of East Penobscot Bay. The only other remaining structure on the seven-acres that comprised the light station is a wooden tower that housed a fog bell. Until 1963, the station also included a two-bedroom house, chicken coop, and fuel shed, all actively used by lightkeepers and their families. 

The lighthouse, which sits 105-feet above the waterline and 1.5 miles west of Deer Isle, was commissioned during the early years of the lumber industry in Maine and served to guide ships going to and from Bangor on the Penobscot River. 

Eagle Island Light: By the Numbers

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Preserving the Legacy

In 1996, under the Maine Lights Program, ownership of the lighthouse was transferred to nonprofit Eagle Light Caretakers. Under leadership from seven trustees, Eagle Light Caretakers has assumed the maintenance and preservation of the Light. A 2015 assessment revealed periodic work to the tower was not keeping pace with the steady adverse effects of the marine environment. With the help of an experienced lighthouse restoration contractor, JB Leslie & Co., the board developed a multi-phase restoration plan and got to work.

The land surrounding the Light, including the bell tower, has been in private hands since the government auctioned the property during the Reagan administration in 1976. The bell tower has been extensively renovated and remains an integral part of the former light station.

Next Phase:
Staircase Restoration

Phase III will address one of the more urgent structural problems: the deterioration of interior metal elements that provide access to the lantern house. In particular, the iconic and beautiful cast-iron staircase must be scraped, repaired, and painted. Historically, the staircase superbly represents the architecture and social era of lighthouses in 1857. 167 years later, Eagle Light Caretakers are excited to bring the staircase back to preservation condition. Construction will begin in late 2023.

Eagle Island Light Gear

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All proceeds benefit restoration efforts.